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Being Active is one of the best parts of your life — Get back with a Movement Expert!

You love going to Hanging Rock on a cool Saturday morning and hiking Raven’s Rock.

You look forward to your mid-week Yoga class feeling effortless movement and present in your body. 

You love being able to garden with your children and feeling a sense of connection to them and the world around you. 

Recently though, you’ve had nagging pain that makes it difficult to do the activities you love. You don’t want to stop moving, however, you find yourself frustrated and unsure of whom to seek guidance from. 

Gate City Physio specializes in treating painful movement and restoring hope. We won’t tell you to stop living your life but will empower you to take hold of your health and experience effortless movement.

Our Specialities-

We are a boutique Physio clinic specializing in dynamic, individualized, one-on-one physical therapy designed to tackle an issue at its source – and treat it with movement.   We take a holistic approach integrating specialized manual therapy, yoga informed rehab, and functionality allowing you to experience effortless, painless movement.  

Shoulder/Arm Rehab-  Shoulder and arm pain can be a frustrating part of your life, whether you’ve had to stop your workout routine or are finding it difficult to sleep on your side, we offer empowering solutions to help you decrease pain and regain your function. 

Headaches/Neck Pain- Nagging neck pain from never-ending Zoom meetings? We bring a holistic approach to neck pain and headaches focusing on specialized manual therapy and lifestyle counseling. In fact, it’s personal for us. Dr. Hillman first experienced the power of hands-on care after years of suffering from headaches.

Low Back Pain- We use a combination of specialized manual therapy, progressive functional rehab and yoga informed practice to approach low back pain holistically.

Rehab for Yoga Enthusiasts- Wrist pain during down dog? Shoulders bothering you during Sun Salutations? We incorporate yoga informed rehab giving you confidence to return to the mat pain free.

Performing Artist Musicians and dancers must use their bodies in finely tuned ways – focusing on precise performance metrics, and often in high-pressure situations. As a musician, Dr. Hillman understands these demands and tailors specific treatment to help our performing artists feel  and perform their best!.

Not sure if Gate City Physio is the right place for you?

Schedule a free phone consultation with Dr. Hillman to discuss. If we aren’t the right fit, we’ll point you in the right direction!

Treatment Approach: 

We are a boutique clinic specializing in dynamic, performance physical therapy designed to tackle an issue at its source – and treat it with movement.   We take a holistic approach integrating specialized manual therapy, yoga informed rehab, and functionality allowing you to experience effortless, painless movement.

Meet Dr. Hillman

Dr. Corey Hillman, is a Movement specialist and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He has studied human health holistically, holding a Bachelors in Psychology from UNC Greensboro before completing his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Baylor University.

In addition, he is currently pursuing certification through the Yoga and Ayurveda Center as a registered yoga instructor. He has advanced training in manual therapy, shoulder, neck and head pain and a special interest in working with musicians and performing artists.



Physiotherapist are Primary Care Providers for the Neuromsuculoskeltal system. receiving  thousands of hours of instruction in anatomy, physiology and rehab medicine culminating in a doctorate degree.  If your eyes glazed over after reading that….we don’t blame you! 

While we could talk all day long about our love for the profession (and will upon request! ) what’s more important is how can we you. We are passionate about your health and ensuring you have the tools to beat your pain and return to a healthy, active life. In short, we are your expert advisor in managing your aches and pains naturally.


One of the many benefits of having your own Physio is one-on-one uninterrupted care. Our model allows you to avoid long wait times and to have direct contact with Dr. Hillman all while escaping the bureaucracy and frustrations of a busy clinic! This allows you to reduce you pain and get back to your life quicker (and often by spending less)! While the number of visits its based on individual patient goals, most typically experience relief within 4-8 sessions.


Our sessions typically involve a combination of gentle hands on care as well as therapeutic movement consisting of body weight exercises, and yoga techniques desired to empower how you feel moving in your body. We recommend comfortable, causal clothing during the session.

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