Meet CICI, a photographer on a mission to capture beauty through her lens. Narcissus Angel Studios focuses on women’s portraits, encouraging wellbeing, and forming meaningful connections through art.

A woman’s spirit is fierce, yet gentle, and gritty, yet fragile. Photography showing these contrasting features is how Narcissus Angel Studios reminds women of their collective and individual brilliance.

“My mission is to celebrate the everyday woman in her entirety and remind her of her awesomeness,” Says CICI. To the busy woman who says that one day she may get photos taken, CICI would say, “You are perfect right now, just as you are. Not a few pounds from now, right now.”

Partner with CICI to create a photo session that increases confidence, and maybe even changes the way you see yourself. There is not a one-size-fits all solution to wellness and that is why we introduce you to affiliates who pave the way in self-care. To book a session with CICI or to simply request more information, email her.