Become A Practitioner

Modern science meets ancient wisdom: The future of healthcare

Sonder Mind and Body’s focus is to provide our community with services that treat the mind, body and gut. Not only do we have practitioners at our location we also have a team of practitioners we consider affiliates of Sonder Mind and Body. These health and wellness experts embody the values and mission to cultivate an integrated wellness community through support of healthy and mindful living. Our vast array of functional and integrative services encourage long-term, lasting healing through physical and mental enrichment and self-care practices.
Integrative, functional, and holistic solutions to treat the root cause of your health needs. Understanding that the relationship between each is extremely important to achieve total well-being. Our practitioners work internally and together to find the most efficient solutions for you. In a lot of cases the symptoms that present are not the root cause of the problem. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to wellness and we continue to grow our service offerings. We welcome business owners to rent space or become part of our affiliate program. Please inquire within by emailing [email protected]

We are interested in practices such as, but not limited to:

      • Acupuncture (Individual or Community acupuncture)
      • Ayurvedic Medicine
      • Cranial Sacral
      • Functional Medicine by Medical Doctors
      • Herbalism
      • Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Support
      • LCSW’s or Psychology
      • Naturopathic Medicine (Licensed practitioners)
      • Nurse practitioners
      • Nutritionists
      • Physical Therapy
      • Registered Dieticians
      • Rolfers
      • Traditional Chinese Medicine
      • Yoga (for children or adults)
Each business owner is responsible for generating their own clients. We do have a premium practitioner package for marketing and are open to any collaborations that fit our client needs. Our Affiliate Program offers practitioners who already have offices but would like to be connected to the Sonder Family and their information will be present on our website and affiliates are able to do two workshops a month in the Sonder Space.
Please email [email protected]om for detailed information regarding our pricing structures for renting space in our wellness center and opportunities for being part of our extended family so we can help navigate our customers to the correct modality.