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Not every integrative practitioner that aligns with Sonder Mind and Body’s mission can fit under our roof here at 515 S. Elm. However, we have built relationships with the practitioners and businesses featured below.

Our integrative network of medical professionals, healers, and businesses goes beyond what conventional medicine is willing — or able — to do to.  Built around a shared philosophy of whole health our community collaborators are here to support you.

Blasted Blow Dry Bar

Specialty Salon

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Blasted Blow Dry Bar is a new kind of specialty salon for today’s woman. No cuts, no color, no stress. Give us 45 minutes from your busy weekly schedule and we will treat you to an experience full of fun, relaxation, and beauty. Don’t be surprised when you become obsessed with your transformation from ordinary to extraordinary hair, eyelashes, or even make-up; provided by our talented stylists. Come and be pampered for any reason. You deserve it!

Benefits: Harmony between inner and outside beauty creates confidence and studies show that it helps you stick to a self-care routine. We always seem to put ourselves last but we can’t support anyone until we support ourselves. You don’t need a special event to make an appointment at Blasted Blow Dry Bar. Try their services on a whim and they last more than a day or two. You will see it is worth it!

Blasted Blow Dry Bar is located at:

3328-103 W. Friendly Center Ave Greensboro, NC 27410

Ph: 336-763-6309



Narcissus Angel Studios


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My name is Narcissus, but you can call me CICI, and I am a womens portrait photographer, a women’s wellbeing enthusiast and your biggest fan.
My mission is to celebrate the everyday woman in her entirety and remind her of her awesomeness. You are perfect right now, just as you are. Not a few pounds from now, right now. You are a beautiful powerhouse. You are more than a conqueror. You are a masterpiece and you are worthy of everything good and wonderful.
I have a deep passion to help women simply know that they are important and they are truly seen and I do that through portrait photography.
I invite you to a portrait session with me where we, together, will create brand new memories and beautiful portraits of you. It will change the way you see and love yourself.


Website: narcissusangel.com


Sonder Mind and Body’s focus is to provide our community with services that treat the mind, body and gut. We have practitioners at our location AND we also have a team of practitioners we consider affiliates of Sonder Mind and Body. These health and wellness experts embody the values and mission to cultivate an integrated wellness community through support of healthy and mindful living. Our vast array of functional and integrative services encourage long-term, lasting healing through physical and mental enrichment and self-care practices.

Integrative, functional, and holistic solutions to treat the root cause of your health needs. Understanding that the relationship between each is extremely important to achieve total well-being.

Our practitioners work internally and together to find the most efficient solutions for you. In a lot of cases the symptoms that present are not the root cause of the problem.

This is why we’ve decided to connect you to this vetted, vast array of specialized professionals who are passionate about your wellness goals. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to wellness and we continue to grow our services and relationships with other practitioners and businesses to create unique and thoughtful connections to try and help everyone. The definition of Sonder is the realization that each passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as our own. However, our elaborate lives intertwine together while we co-exist, live, love, and grow. We hope you will consider working off-site from Sonder with our wonderful affiliates.