Sonder Sunday's August 27th-September 2nd - Sonder Mind Body

Sonder Sunday’s August 27th-September 2nd

Sonder Sunday’s August 13th-19th
August 13, 2018

Sonder Sunday’s August 27th-September 2nd

Sonder Sunday’s: A weekly recap of events, classes, and workshops hosted by Modern Day Sonder at Sonder Mind and Body. Click the events below for more details or call us at 336.663.7562.



7:15am Yoga with Paula

12pm Yoga with Barbara

6:15pm Yoga with Mary Beth

7pm Women in Self-Care Group Gathering


7:15am Yoga with Jennifer Jennette

6pm Consciousness Cafe Group Meeting

7:30pm Dharmachakra


12pm Yoga with Barbara


7:15 Yoga with Paula

11am Documentaty and Discussion

5:30pm Yoga with Milanda

6pm First Friday


4pm Group Reiki