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Modern Day Hypnosis

A new approach to ancient techniques.

Each session is customized based on individual needs or request. Services available include Hypnotherapy, HypnoWaving, NLP, EFT Tapping, Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Soul’s Purpose Mapping, and Self Image Shaping. Heartmath Technology and Muse Mind Mapping Headbands available for use during sessions.

Modern Day Hypnosis | Junior Associates

Monthly Maintenencing

$69 per month / 6 month minimum

This package includes three 25 minute phone sessions or one full session per month. We all need support, you will not regret this commitment to investing in your greatest asset - yourself!

Unused sessions expire 12 months from date of purchase. Sessions may be transferred to friends or family.

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About Lauren Hall

We can all live a happy life, let me show you the way!

Hi, I’m Lauren Hall! I help people achieve their goals quickly and easily with lasting results through the power of visual imagery and mental dialect. I started Modern Day Hypnosis in 2013 to help a large spectrum of people. Anyone capable of understanding the English language and willing to participate in following instructions can be hypnotized. During any session, the hypnotist is simply facilitating the experience and offering imagery, you remain in control the entire time. There are no fears of mind control or needing to be hypnotizable, everyone can intentionally enter this natural mind state we call ‘hypnosis’. These techniques are very helpful for people wanting to change habits or improve performance. There are also many documented cases of hypnotherapy and physiological results like hair regrowth, healing eyesight, natural breast lift, and improved skin conditions.

More about me: I work and live in downtown Greensboro and love helping people through my business and pursuing several passions, hobbies, and continual education and growth. I am trained in NLP, HypnoBirthing, Meditation, Reiki and Bilateral Hemispheric Stimulation. Since 2013 I have been a member in good standing with The National Guild of Hypnotists and The American Alliance of Hypnotists. In my spare time, I like to make crafts or enjoy the great outdoors. I am zealous about helping people and the amount of success I get to experience through my clients’ success is amazing. I started out and was formerly known by the name Lauren Hall Hypnosis and was originally located in Lexington, North Carolina.

I want to help people design and achieve great dreams. I know life can be challenging but when you have the right perspective you can navigate your way to the top of any mountain. Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools for mental training that’s every been discovered. Try it for yourself and experience the joy, health, and inner peace that’s available to you.

Hypnosis allows you to train and strengthen your mind. Like any muscle, we must hone and cultivate our mental communication skills, learning how to input the proper imagery and live life to the happiest! The greatest athletes use coaches to help achieve success – Let Me Be Your MENTAL COACH – come in for a consultation if your interested or at the very least try a guided imagery video on YouTube.

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