Sonder Mind and Body Float Center Near Downtown Greensboro Sauna

About Us

Under Our Roof

The Sonder Family

We are a group of individuals, working together, always learning and experimenting with new ideas and new techniques that are geared to finding balance in this chaotic external world. We have discovered some powerful tools and want to share them with you. All of the practitioners under the Sonder Mind and Body roof, share an ethical framework when it comes to their research, practice, and policies.

Ethical Commitments of our Practitioners:

  • A social commitment to public welfare
  • A commitment to protect patients & the public generally from hazardous medical and/or therapeutic practices
  • A respect for patient autonomy
  • Recognition of medical pluralism
  • A commitment to public accountability

The Owners

Jessika & Veronika Olsen

When we were little girls, we dreamed of creating a space that would allow us to grow, to thrive, and to share with others. We grew up living and traveling around the world, and collected experiences, achievements, defeats and realizations that have led us to where we are now. Having a better sense of well being and wellness has become our passion, and we are essentially creating the center that we wished existed.

Through our shared experience and research we have embraced a theory in relation to achieving and maintaining complete wellness. This theory involves an adaptable formula interested in the foundations, methods, and implications of eight essential elements of well being.

All eight essential elements must be nurtured and represented in a balanced manner in order to feel whole and connected. These eight essential elements create a set of instructions for creating wholeness, and this set of instructions are distinctive for each individual.

The eight essential elements of wellness are:

  • Discovery
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Rest
  • Intention
  • Connection
  • Resources
  • Growth